Protect your private data

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Do you have personal data stored on your computer that you want to keep private? Perhaps you have a folder that stores all of your tax returns, or a folder that holds a record of all of your passwords to the various websites you visit. Maybe you have a list of Christmas presents to be purchased, and you don’t want your kids to see it. Whatever the reason, you have a folder that you don’t want anyone else to access. Here is how to protect it in Windows XP.

Find the folder (but don’t open it). Right-click on the folder and choose Properties. In the new window that opens, click on the “Sharing” tab. You will see a check box that says “Make this folder private”. Check that box, and click “Apply”.

If you don’t already use a password to log on to Windows XP, you will have to create one in order to privatize this folder. Choose a password that is not easily guessed – a random mix of numbers and letters is best, and the longer the better. Of course, you want to make sure that YOU can remember it. You will also now need to log on to Windows with this password.

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