Clearing Google search history

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Got this question from my friend Ken in Maine:

The question id like to ask Scott as i use firefox and it is great. Also Google for searches. Only thing i find with google is my searches are still in there. I highlighted then and click delete but i still see they are there. Could you please explain the steps to get rid of those searches.

Good question, Ken – a lot of people ask about that. Here is how you do it:

If you use Firefox, the quick and easy way to delete a specific search term from the Google home page search history list is to just use your “Down” arrow key on the keyboard to highlight the particular search word or phrase. Then, hold down the Shift key and hit the Delete key. This removes that one from the drop-down list.

The more general way to clear the list is to click on Tools – Options and select the Privacy tab. In the area titled “Saved Forms”, click the “Clear Saved Form Data Now” button. Remember, however, that this will clear information that is saved from other websites also.

If you use Internet Explorer, click on Tools – Internet Options and choose the tab titled “Content”. In the area called “Personal Information”, choose Autocomplete. Then click on Clear Forms. As with Firefox, this will clear the data saved from other website forms as well, so be sure this is what you want to do.

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