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I think one of the most amazing tools available on the internet today is the Google Earth program. I have been using it for quite a while and I still get a kick out of it. You can pick almost any place in the world and get an overhead picture of it. Here’s an example of one – this is a neighborhood right here in Clearwater, Florida:

Of course, the actual picture would appear much larger in the program. You can plug in just about any address, and the program will zoom right to that spot. Or you can just “browse the world” and check out your choice of locations. Or look at some famous world landmarks.

Here are a couple of great things about Google Earth:

1. It’s free! You can download it at

2. For you people in Maine that have had crummy, low-resolution satellite images in the past – check out the new Google Earth version 4. You can see your house now, even in Waldoboro, Maine!

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