Clarify the text on your screen

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This is for everyone who is still running Windows XP (which is most of us). It works best with an LCD monitor, but should help even with an old monitor as well.

This procedure adds clarity to the text on your screen. Do a right-click in a blank area on your desktop, and in the new menu that opens choose Properties. Click the Appearance tab, then click the Effects button. Look for the option that says “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts” and check that box. In the drop-down menu just below that option, choose “ClearType”. Click OK, and click Apply in the remaining window. You will see a noticeable difference in the text clarity.

If your screen already had that display property in place, UNcheck it and click OK and Apply in the remaining window so that you can see the difference it makes. Of course, you will want to set it back to the clearer display again. Pretty big difference! I am not sure why anyone would NOT want to take advantage of that clearer setting.

I found some more clips of Bill Dance – he is the guy with the fishing show that seems to constantly attract bad luck. I also found out some more about this guy. He lives in Tennessee, and has been doing this fishing show since 1968. I guess with almost 40 years of being on camera, it makes sense that there are this many mishaps caught on tape. Here we go!


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