Switch users more quickly in XP

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Switch users fast. If you’re working on a PC with multiple user accounts, you can bypass the welcome screen when you switch users. Open the Task Manager (click a blank spot in the taskbar and select Task Manager from the pop-up menu), click on the Users tab, right-click on a user name, and choose Connect.

Many families still have one computer that is used by several people. Each user can have his or her own desktop. When Windows XP starts up, you just click on the user name that applies, and you get all of your own “stuff” (icons, programs, wallpaper, etc.).

The normal procedure to switch users is to click Start – Log Off – and then either log off completely and log in as the other user, or you can click the “Switch Users” option. But there is even a quicker way.

Hit Ctrl – Alt – Delete. In the window that pops up, click on the Users tab. Right-click on a user name, and choose Connect. Now you are logged on as that user (although you might have to enter the password if the user account is configured that way).

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