Get some new wallpaper

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My guess is that many of you know how to do this already. I think I have mentioned it before. But, no matter how well-known a computer tip might be, there are always a few people that say, “Wow, I never knew that before!”. And it is pretty handy.

If you want to change the background picture on your computer screen, it’s very easy. That picture is actually called the “wallpaper” (some people call it the screen saver, but that is not correct). Just about any picture you see on the internet can be used as a wallpaper on your computer. Here is a great way to find wonderful wallpaper pictures.

Go to Google Images and type in the name of the kind of pictures you want to see, such as sunset, mountain, lake, whatever. It is also a good idea to select the “Large” option so that you only see higher resolution pictures.

When you see a thumbnail image you like, click on it. Then when the next page comes up, click the link that says “See image full size”.

When it is full size on your screen, do a right-click on the image and choose “Set as wallpaper”. If another window comes up asking for the formatting of the picture, choose “Stretch”. Now you have a new wallpaper! You can do this for almost any picture you see on the web.

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