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I think I have mentioned this website before, but it is worth talking about it again. The website is www.woot.com.

At Woot, they offer one item for sale each day. When that item sells out, you’re out of luck until the next day when a different item shows up. This is the type of site that you want to have as part of your home page tabs, because you need to check it each day to see if they are selling something you need.

A word of warning – a description is written about each item for sale. I find them difficult to read. They try so desperately to be clever, hip, witty…and I just want to get the details about the item for sale. I guess a lot of people consider the ad copy as part of the charm; I find it to be annoying. I just scroll down past the few paragraphs of text and read the list of features to get the information I need.

Sometimes the Woot is a great bargain, and sometimes it’s not. Bargains usually sell out at some time during the day (the new daily item actually gets listed at 1 am eastern time, and some of the devoted Woot fans stay up to see what it is). If you are not sure if an item is a good value, click the link that says “Discuss this product” and read what some others are saying about it.

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