Put your email in vacation mode

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Have you ever taken a vacation – and not checked your email the whole time you were gone? Personally, I would probably not enjoy that very much. I guess I am a bit obsessive about checking email and responding to it (if a response is necessary). I don’t like people to think I am ignoring them.

But sometime you might be in a situation where you cannot check your email for a few days or a week, maybe even longer. If you use Gmail, you don’t have to worry about it. Just use the Vacation Mode.

Log in to your account at www.gmail.com, and click on Settings. Under the “General” tab, you will see a section called Vacation Autoresponder. Just turn it on, and type in a few words such as “I am on vacation until xxxx – I will respond to your email when I return“. Anytime someone sends you an email, they will automatically get that response back right away. So they know you are not just ignoring their email, and you can enjoy an email-free vacation.

Yahoo email offers the same thing – click on Options, then “Vacation Response”. Other email services usually offer this as well – check your settings to see how to use it.

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