Smash the Windows Update restart nag

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Just about everyone that uses Windows has had this annoyance. Windows has some important updates to do, so you download them while you are working on something else. At some point the Windows Notification pops up and says that the updates have been installed, and you need to restart your computer for the updates to take effect. You have two options: Restart Now, or Restart Later. You choose “Later” because you have some work that you have to get done now.

A few minutes later, the reminder pops up again to see if you want to restart yet. Again, you choose “Later”.

A few minutes later, guess what…the reminder again. Don’t you wish you could just tell it to not remind you any more, and to trust you to do a restart at some point? You can.

To get rid of the Windows Restart Nag, click Start – Run and type “cmd” (without the quotes) in the box and hit Enter. In the next screen, type this:

sc stop wuauserv

and hit Enter. Then just close that window. No more nags! Now, don’t worry – you will still get Windows Updates. You just won’t be reminded to restart the computer afterward. So you have to remember to do a restart eventually. I’ll bet you can handle that.

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