There are lots of choices better than Comcast

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Looking for a new internet provider? If you are considering Comcast, think again.

Comcast advertises high speeds and great service. What they don’t tell you in their initial advertising is that they limit your use of the internet. What is that limit? They won’t say, and you won’t know until you exceed the limit and get cut off.

This generally would apply to the user that downloads large files each month. However, since Comcast will not specify “how much is too much”, no one really knows what the limit is. If you have other choices, you would be better off to go with an ISP that lays out all the rules clearly. It is much easier to stay within policy if you know what the policy is.

More details here.

This week’s video sends a message – even if you are having a bad day, you can still be happy.

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