Get back the RUN command in Vista

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For those of you that are using Microsoft’s newest operating system (Vista), you might notice a small difference when you click the Start button. In Windows XP, you could click Start, then Run. In Vista, the Run command is gone. This command is handy sometimes, so it is nice to have it back.

To bring back Run to the Start button menu, do a right-click on an empty area of the Task bar (that is the bar running along the bottom of your screen). Choose Properties, then click the Start Menu tab. Click the Customize button. Now, scroll through the list and check the box that says “Run command”. Click OK to close the open windows, and there’s your Run command, right where it should be.

Of course, you could also just type the name of the command you want to run in the text box that is already there, but that is not quite as obvious.

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