Email that self-destructs

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Have you ever sent an email, and then regretted sending it? Maybe it had some harsh words, or maybe you made a business commitment that you really didn’t want to make. In any case, we have all typed things that we wish we could somehow magically make disappear, even after we have hit that “Send” button.

Now it’s possible. However, you can’t use your “regular” email program such as Outlook to send this “special” email. You have to go to this website: and send your email from there. You can choose the time period for the email to destroy itself:
– a single viewing, and it will destroy itself after a certain amount of time (measured in seconds)
– multiple viewings (you can designate how many times it can be viewed before destruction)
– multiple days (it will destroy itself after a set number of days)

The service is free – try it yourself and see how it works before sending an email to someone else. The service and website are also for sale – so if you have $17,000 you can own it.

This week’s video is for all the men out there – tired of candles that are all scented based on female preferences? Now for men we have…Mandles.

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