Naming your vacation pictures – it’s quick and easy

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You just got back from the vacation of a lifetime (or any event during which you took a lot of photos). You just transferred about 300 new pictures from your camera to your computer, and now you are looking at your “My Pictures” folder with hundreds of pictures in it, and they are all named something like this:

and so on…

Obviously those file names don’t mean anything to you; they are just the sequence of file names given them by the camera when the picture was taken. Of course, you could right-click on each one of them individually and rename them, but that would take a very long time. You might want to do that eventually, but there is a quicker way to solve the immediate problem.

First, click to select all of the photos in the same group at one time. In other words, you can hold down the CTRL key, and click once on each of the “Christmas Vacation” photos until they are all selected. Then, do a right-click on one of them and choose “Rename”. Name it “2007 Christmas Vacation”.

No, the computer won’t give all of those selected pictures the same name. What you will end up with is a list that looks something like this:

2007 Christmas Vacation001
2007 Christmas Vacation002
2007 Christmas Vacation003
2007 Christmas Vacation004
2007 Christmas Vacation005
and so on.

It’s still not the most ideal way to name your pictures, but it is better than before. And now you can put all of those photos in their own folder and rename them specifically at your leisure.

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