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If you use email (of course you do because everyone does) you should have an email signature file (better known as a sig file). Why type your name at the end of each email, when it is always the same anyway? Let the computer do it for you. If you get an email from me, here is what is at the end of the message:

If you have a business, you can put your business name and address or whatever other contact information you want on there. It’s your sig file, so it’s up to you what you want to use.

There’s a great website if you want to create a signature in your choice of font. It is and that is where I created mine.

Once you have created it, how do you get it to show up in your emails? That depends on what you use for email.

Outlook Express: click Tools – Options – Signatures

Outlook 2007 (and earlier versions of Outlook also, I believe): Tools – Options – Mail Format – Signatures

Web-based email:
Gmail: Settings – General tab – Signature
Yahoo: Options – Signature
Hotmail: I don’t use Hotmail because it is a truly awful email service, so I am not specifically familiar with the sigfile procedure – but you can get the instructions here.

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November 7th, 2009

nice..i got a new signature for my yahoo mail. Thx.