Having some fun in New York City

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This week is a little diversion from the typical Monday “here’s how to fix your computer” tip. Sometimes you just need a break.

One of my favorite shows was Candid Camera. To me, some of the best humor is found in seeing how human beings react in various set-up situations. Of course, there have been many shows that have copied Candid Camera (Punk’d, Scare Tactics, etc.) and some of them have been pretty entertaining at times.

There’s a group in New York that operates on the same premise, except they are not on television. They are on the internet. The group is called Improv Everywhere. Basically, this organization plans and executes scenes in public places that catch the attention of passers-by, to get their reaction. These scenes can use just a few people (those that are involved are called “agents”), or there may be hundreds involved. Some of them are quite complex and involve lots of coordination.

Here are a few examples of what they have done:

60 cell phones ring at the same time (in the bag-check area of a large bookstore)

The McDonald’s bathroom attendant

– Of the thousands of people in Grand Central Station, over 200 people freeze in place for 5 minutes

The Hug Patrol

Surprise birthday party – while on the subway

There are lots more and they have lots of pictures and video. It’s good, clean, clever fun – which is a nice thing to find on the internet!

This week’s video is a combination of comedy and gymnastics:

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