Fix an annoying Word problem

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I like Microsoft Word, but it sure does some annoying things sometimes. This week’s tip is about one of those bothersome Word functions, and how to fix it.

I like to use tables. If you have several different information items and you want to display them in a Word document, using a table is often the best way to do it. However – if you make your table fill up the whole page, you might find that you now have a 2-page document. Page 1 is your table and your data inside that table, and page 2 is…nothing. Yes, the cursor blinks there, but you cannot backspace and no matter what you try to do, that second page just sits there laughing at you because you can’t get rid of it.

Here’s what’s going on, and how to be done with it.

After the table, Word inserts a paragraph mark. You just can’t see it. If you tell Word to show the paragraph mark(s) then you will see it. This is done by using the “Show/Hide” command. In Word 2007, get to the “Home” tab, and then in the Paragraph section, click on the paragraph symbol. Now you will see all of the paragraph symbols in the document – including that pesky one on page 2.

First, highlight that page 2 paragraph mark by double-clicking on it. Now, go up to the font size selection at the top of the screen and click the drop-down menu as if you were going to change the font. Instead of clicking on one of the font sizes displayed, hit the number 1 on your keyboard, and then the Enter key (this actually changes the font size to 1). Now you will see that the paragraph mark is extremely small, but it has moved back to page 1! Page 2 is gone.

You can now go back to the paragraph section and select the paragraph symbol so that you don’t see all of those symbols on the page any more.

This week’s video is about a wonderful woman and what she does for the families of fallen soldiers. I cannot embed this video in my blog, but you can see it at the link below.

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