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Everyone loves to spice up a text document (or an email) by using a different font. Most people have a lot more fonts installed on their computer than they will ever use. Can you have too many fonts? Absolutely. Here’s why:

1. The fonts that are installed on your computer are all catalogued in a Registry key. The key that holds all of that info does not have unlimited space. If you have too many fonts, you might find one day that you try to install a new one, and the computer won’t let you. This is usually when you have several hundred (or maybe close to a thousand) installed fonts.

2. Practically speaking, if you are creating a Word document and want to use some different kind of font, do you really want to scroll through 500 fonts to choose one?

So, the point is, don’t just go installing fonts all the time unless there is a chance that you will actually use them.

Now, having said that, I present you with a collection of websites that offer…free fonts! From the sites listed below, you can choose from thousands and thousands of different fonts, and you don’t have to pay for any of them. This blog post will be a good reference for you to use in the future when you need a new font – so I recommend that you bookmark it.

And now – the free fonts:

Font River



Mike’s Sketch Pad




Font Garden

Search Free Fonts

Get Free Fonts

The Font Shack

Keith Devens

Font Foundry

Font Reactor

Simply the Best Fonts


More free quality fonts

Acid fonts

Daily Free Fonts

Fonts 500

Urban Fonts

High Fonts

Da font

Font Freak

Larabie Fonts

Themed Fonts

Divide by Zero

1001 Fonts

Better Fonts

Blambot Comic Fonts

Modern Life

Abstract Fonts

40 Excellent Free Fonts

Free Font Downloads

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