Get hassled!

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I decided to quit procrastinating. Starting tomorrow.

You know there are some things you have to do, you just avoid getting started. Or you forget about them and then remember at a time when you can’t get started. Of course, once the job is started, it’s usually not that big a deal and I wonder why I kept putting it off for so long.

Sometimes all we need is a little nagging. A reminder every so often that “hey, you need to do this thing – don’t forget!”. Now there’s an internet service that does just that. It hassles you!

You can sign up free at and enter those things you want to get “hassled” about, and approximately how often. You will receive an email reminder to get busy and do that task. Some examples:

go to the gym roughly every 4 days
write an entry in my diary roughly every 3 days
call your mother roughly every 7 days

One of the future planned features is that you can get hassled via text message to your cell phone – handy for people who don’t check their email very often (you know who you are!).

In the past I have used video clips of people singing the Star Spangled Banner – usually because they mess up. This week’s video is the same song, but performed very well by the Cactus Cuties – a group of very talented (and very young!) girls.

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