Personalized service is best

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If your computer has a problem, what do you do? Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a family member or close friend that is good with computers and has time to fix it. Or perhaps someone like that can walk you through a repair over the phone.

Because of a big advertising campaign, the first choice for some people is the repair guys at the local “box store”. I am talking about the Geek Squad, which is part of Best Buy. This is not always the worst choice, but the problem is that these guys just work for an hourly wage. They don’t usually get to know the customer very well, and they don’t necessarily have the customer’s best interests at heart. Here’s a good example of this.

I have repaired hundreds of computers with all kinds of different problems. Before I do anything, I want to get a good idea of exactly what the problem is. I also want to make sure that the customer’s data will never be at risk, so I determine that all important data is already backed up (or I back it up). Then, I completely analyze the computer and determine what the problem is and how long I believe it will take to fix it. If, during the course of the repair, it gets more complicated and will take longer than I estimated, I contact the customer to explain the situation and get permission to proceed.

My point is that when you deal with me, you get personal service. You are not just one of thousands of machines that I am working on. I understand your dependence on your computer and my job is to make sure it is working correctly. I don’t want my customers to be satisfied; I want them to be raving fans!

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