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Probably the most common function performed on the internet each day (after email) is going to Google and doing a search. Everyone knows how to do that.

What if you want to do a Google search – but just on a specific website, instead of searching the entire internet? It’s easy.

Let’s say you remember a blog post I did about AVG 8.0 a few weeks ago. You know it is somewhere on my website, but how to find it? Like this:

Go to Google, and type in this search: avg

Note that there are no spaces between “site:” and the website. The only space is immediately after the website URL, before the search term.

That search will bring up all of the pages on my site that contain “avg”. Of course, you can use any combination of key words or phrases for your search, just like you can any regular Google search.

This week’s video shows a very narrow walkway on the side of a mountain. If you have a fear of heights, you have been warned. My motto is simple: it doesn’t really matter where this leads; I know I don’t need to go there.

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June 1st, 2008

jeeze my knees go funny just watching it