How to track your gas mileage online

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Obviously, one of the big concerns on everyone’s mind these days is the cost of gasoline. Right now it looks like things will get worse before they get better, so a lot of people are looking for ways to conserve fuel as much as possible. Well, it’s hard to know if you are using less gas or more gas unless you somehow keep track of it. That’s where Fuelfrog comes in.

Fuelfrog (link) is a free web service that helps you keep track of your gas mileage. Just go to the site and create your free account. Then, whenever you fill up with gas, enter the date, how much gas you purchased, your current odometer reading, and the price of the gas. Fuelfrog will keep track of your miles per gallon, and will also track trends, averages, and total costs.

If you use Twitter, you can enter all of the data from your cell phone immediately after filling up. Just another example of how information is power, and how the internet is all about making that information more accessible and usable.

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