Some of the best email hoaxes

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And by “best” I really mean the ones with the highest “Nonsense Factor”. These are all taken from the archives of Snopes. The sad thing is, they are all still in circulation and there are still people every day that read them, believe them, and then forward them.

1. The US Government plans to track homeless people by implanting RFID chips in them.

2. Comedian Andy Kaufman has returned, 20 years after faking his death (I wish this one were true – I loved his style of humor).

3. The BabyInk body art chain specializes in baby tatoos.

4. Florida’s governor asked residents to reduce electrical usage during Ted Bundy’s execution.

5. You can purchase human flesh through a company called ManBeef.

6. The 2003 California wildfires left the US facing a severe toilet paper shortage.

7. A website offers for sale a device for performing laser eye surgery at home.

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