What is the new Google Friend Connect?

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Google is – once again – about to change how we use the web.

Recently Google announced their new service, called Friend Connect, means that any website will have the opportunity to become a social networking site. There are millions of computer users that visit Facebook or MySpace every day for the purpose of connecting with other people; the ability to go to any website and interact with others visiting the same website will be a fundamental change.

For example, you’re thinking about taking a trip to the Grand Canyon. You come across a website that describes several different travel packages. Visiting that website at the same time is someone who happened to have taken one of those packages last year – that’s a person with whom you might want to chat.

The general effect is that the web will be more “open” – more like a big room with lots of people talking with each other and looking at various websites on display, rather than lots of little rooms with a website in each one. There’s not a lot we can do about this; it is just the evolution of the web. I think it will be a positive effect.

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