Yahoo email – important tip for forwarding

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Okay, you have heard me rant about Yahoo, and also about forwarding emails. I’m not going to beat those dead horses again. Anyone that keeps using Yahoo, and keeps forwarding all those emails, is going to do it regardless of what I say anyway.

What I want to mention today is that there is a right way and a wrong way to forward emails when you use Yahoo’s free email service. If yours is set up the wrong way, it’s very easy to fix.

The wrong way to send a forwarded email is as an attachment. You could be doing this without even knowing it. If this is what you are doing, then every person that receives your email also receives an attachment (the forwarded email) that they have to open if they want to see what you sent them. Some people don’t open attachments, because that is the easiest way to get a virus. Not to mention it’s just inconvenient.

The right way to forward an email is inline. That means that the content that you are forwarding is right there in your email, and no one has to open anything else in order to see it. Safer, and much more convenient for the recipient.

To check this, go to your Yahoo account and click on Options. In the next screen, click on General Preferences. In the General Preferences section, scroll down to the “Message Actions” group and look for “Forwarding Messages”. You want to click the button that says “Forward as inline text – Original messages will be copied directly into the body of your outgoing messages.” Then click Save. Your recipients will appreciate this change, even if they don’t thank you for sending those email forwards.

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