Your heart just dialed 911. Wait, what?

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If you’re walking down the street and and suddenly go unconscious from a heart attack, one of the things you can hope for is that a skilled cardiologist happens to be nearby and can render the best immediate care. Since that’s not likely, hopefully there is at least someone in the vicinity with a cell phone that can dial 911.

Soon, you might not even need to depend on someone else to call for help. Through the use of Bluetooth technology, if you have a medical emergency such as a heart attack or diabetic collapse, a sensor implanted in your body could immediately notify a nearby hospital or emergency response team.

Then, when the medical team arrives, they could have a small computer that receives signals from the victim, that would provide access about the current condition as well as any medical history that could be relevant to treatment. This could be in effect in as little as 3 years.

Of course, that raises just one question for me. How about whenever I get hungry, my stomach dials Domino’s for a pizza?

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