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You have probably heard the term “Web 2.0” lately. But what does it actually mean? Is there some new technology out there? Where can we find this Web 2.0?

Actually it isn’t about a new technology at all. It is about a change in the way we use the web.

Think about it. Back when the internet was in its infancy (around the early to mid 90’s), there were websites, and most of them were pretty primitive. You could visit a website, view the content there, and perhaps benefit from it. You didn’t really interact with other people on the internet to any great extent.

Now, that trend has shifted. Everything has to do with collaboration. You can go to websites and communicate with other people (online forums), you can connect with people you haven’t contacted in years (facebook), you can write whatever you want for the world to read (blogs), and you can even notify all your friends, from your cell phone to theirs, what you are eating for lunch at the moment (Twitter). Okay, some of these things have more value than others.

Many websites are now being created with these new uses in mind. These sites are often based on interactivity with the website visitors. If you would like to see what these “Web 2.0” sites look like, you’re in luck – there is a new Web 2.0 search engine (actually, it’s technically a directory rather than a search engine). Check it out at

When you get there, click the button at the top that says “Select tag”, then click a topic that interests you. You will see all kinds of websites in that category, and they are all looking for you to visit and participate. Have fun!

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