RSS will change the way you get information on the net

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I know, that’s a pretty big statement to make. But it’s true.

There are basically two ways you can get the information you want from the internet: the old way, and the new way (RSS is actually not that new, but it’s the first time I have blogged about it). To explain this, let’s use an example. I believe that just about anyone can find several blogs that regularly post information that they find interesting. If you look long enough, you would find at least 10 blogs that you would like to read each day (or at least look at the post title, to see if it is something you want to read).

The old way would be to go to the first blog, read it, go to the second blog, read it, and so on. Bookmarking makes this faster; you could put all of your favorite blogs in the same bookmark folder. Firefox plug-ins like Linkwad make it even faster. But the bottom line is, you still have to go to each of those sites to view the content.

The new way is much easier. The new way is called Really Simple Syndication (RSS). Whenever you see that orange logo, it means you can subscribe to that blog with RSS. Now you don’t have to go to each of those blog sites. You have one customized page that lists all the current titles of your chosen blogs or news sites, and you can read all of the content there. The blogs come to you.

Google makes this extremely easy to set up. Go to and sign in with your Google/Gmail account information (or create a free account). Then, start making the rounds to your favorite blogs and look for the orange RSS icon. When you click on it, you are requesting to subscribe to the “feed” for that blog, and you will be given the choice of what newsreader you want to use – just choose Google.

Then, set your Google Newsreader as your home page (or one of your home pages) in Firefox or Explorer. All your blog and news content – right there on one page. It’s a lot easier, you can absorb more content, and you save a lot of time. Hey, you could start by subscribing to the RSS feed for this blog – just click that icon in the right column.

Below is a video that explains more visually how RSS works with Google. Give it a try – it’s the way of the future, and I think you’ll like it.


This week’s video is a hidden camera prank. What do you think it would be like if you were in an elevator, and the door opened to what you thought would be your floor, but instead you found yourself in someone’s bathroom – and there’s a guy taking a bath at the time. These people found out exactly what it would be like.

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June 23rd, 2008

How can I print out just one week’s notice rather than a string of many weeks ?

Scott Johnson
June 23rd, 2008

I am not sure what you mean by “one week’s notice”. If you mean just printing a single blog post, you can view an individual blog post on its own page by clicking on that blog post title in the right-hand column under “Previous posts”. That link takes you to just that one blog post.

If your question refers to something else, please provide details and I will respond as best I can.