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Today I will introduce you to a website that is very popular among internet “junkies”. If you want to know what the hottest things on the internet are, the most popular news articles, viral videos, images, etc. there is one site that has it all:

At Digg, the users submit the content and the users decide if it’s good or not. Each article, video or image gives you the option to “Digg” it (which adds a point to its popularity), or “Bury” it (which deducts a point from its popularity).

Digg has a lot of power. When something gets really popular, it attracts a lot of visitors; some websites have gone down temporarily due to being overwhelmed by the sudden increase in traffic. Usually at that point another site will post the same content (this is called a mirror) so that it takes some pressure off the primary site.

One word of caution…Digg does have some rules regarding what sites are “acceptable” in terms of vulgarity, nudity, etc. But there is sometimes content on there that some might find offensive. Usually you can tell by the title, and you can avoid clicking on those if that is your choice.

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