Are you neurotic?

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I came across an interesting website recently.

I think we are all neurotic in some way(s). I mean, everyone has their little oddities and unusual behaviors that are outside the “norm”. What is interesting is reading about the neuroses of other people, in their own words. That’s what you will find on the website

Here are a few samples:

Whenever I eat cereal with milk, I systematically eat it so that there is always the same amount of milk and cereal at all times. It drives me crazy though. My heart beats so rapidly. Each time I do it, I hate it and want to stop, but thinking about stopping only makes it worse.

I cannot use a hairdryer while no one is home. I think must be to do with the fact that I’m scared someone will sneak in and kill me without me hearing. It’s so bad I didn’t wash my hair for two weeks because no one was home.

The tv has to be on a certain channel when I turn it off at night. If someone else was watching and turned it off, I have to turn it on, set it to the channel, and turn it off again. I can’t sleep if I don’t make sure of this.

I can’t stand other people touching me. At all. If anyone so much as accidentally brushes up against me, I immediately rub the part of my body they have touched until I feel like all traces of this person are gone.

It is interesting to read, and encouraging also – it’s good to know that some people in the world have much weirder problems than you do!

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