Get a warning beep from your Caps Lock button

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Have you ever been typing away, and then you look up at the screen and see that the last full line was done in ALL CAPS? Yep, you accidentally bumped that Caps Lock key. It’s a pretty common thing actually, but frustrating nonetheless.

(As an aside, I know that there are computer users who type all of their emails in all caps intentionally. You people know who you are. This will be the subject of a blog in the near future.)

This problem is easy to fix. There are some instances in which the All Caps button is needed, so you probably don’t want to disable it completely. But you can set it so that you hear a little “beep” each time you hit it. As soon as you hear that beep, you can stop typing instead of wasting time typing a line (or paragraph) that you will just have to delete and do over.

In Windows XP:
Click Start – Control Panel
Double click Accessibility Options and you should see the Keyboard tab open
In the “ToggleKeys” section, check the box that says “Use ToggleKeys”
Click OK to close the window

In Windows Vista:
Click Start – Control Panel
Double click the “Ease of Access Center” icon
Click “Make the Keyboard easier to use”
Check the box that says “Turn on Toggle Keys”
Click Save and close the Control Panel window

You will now be alerted each time you hit that Caps Lock button (and the same alert will sound if you hit the Num Lock or Scroll Lock). Now if we could just come up with some kind of self-destruct mechanism each time the “Forward” button is clicked in the email program…

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