Get rid of the Windows Update restart nag

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I have Windows Update set to download updates automatically, but it does not install them. It lets me know that there are updates ready to install, and then I check to see exactly what updates it wants to install before going ahead with it (yes, this is a little more “update-aware” than the average person – for some users, automating all update processes is preferable).

Anyway, once I go ahead and install the updates, Windows tells me that a restart is necessary to complete the installation:

I almost always click “Restart Later” because I don’t want to wait for my computer to restart right at that moment.

Then 10 minutes later, the nag screen is back wanting to restart.

And again in another 10 minutes. It’s like a snooze control with an extra minute built in, and I am not even enjoying any bonus sleep.

This continues until I get so sick of it that I finally give in and restart.

That won’t happen any more, because of a small program called “Leave Me Alone!”. You can download it free here.

When the nag screen comes up, you simply run this little application and click the “Leave Me Alone” button:

Now you won’t see that message any more (at least not for this current set of updates) and you can get back to work. Of course, you will want to remember to restart when it is convenient for you, because that is necessary for the updates to get fully installed.

We’ve seen it before – an anchorman on live television that gets cracked up about something, and just can’t stop laughing. Here’s another one:

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