Make your Windows folders different colors

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Whenever a new version of Windows comes out, it seems that Microsoft tries to make it all flashy and shiny (maybe that’s so we won’t notice the bugs because we are so bedazzled by the other stuff). Yet, there’s one area where Windows continues to be pretty boring: folders.

They still give us the same old dreary manila-colored folders each time. Of course, in Windows Vista, they turned the folders on their side (those are the ones you see above). I don’t quite get the logic of that, since a folder like that in the real world would dump out all of its contents. But I digress.

If you are bored with the same old folder images, you can change them! There’s a free program available called Rainbow Folders, which you can download here.

The download will be a zipped folder which you can save to your desktop, then just drag the program icon out of the folder to your desktop and double click to install. Installation is pretty standard. When finished, you will see the program listed in your programs list.

When you run the program, you will see this main window:

All of your top-level folders are listed on the left side. You can click the “plus” sign to expand those folders and see the sub-folders. When one of those folders is highlighted, choose a color from the slidebars on the right. When you get the color you want, click the “Colorize” button, and your folder is now in a bright new color.

There are other features to the program but you can explore and find those out. There is a full help file should you need it, but the program is pretty simple to use.

You can categorize your folders by color if you want, such as all financial-related folders are green or all picture folders are blue. This just makes it easy to tell at a glance what each folder contains. You can even choose to make your folders look like the old-fashioned ones (like Windows 98), or the newest style (Vista).

This week’s video is an old Candid Camera clip – it shows how we humans want to conform to the group.

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