Not everyone is a pro at Photoshop

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When you read a print publication, virtually every picture you see on the page has been processed in some way by Photoshop. Whether it’s a model that needs a skin blemish removed, or the sky having a few too many clouds, Photoshop comes to the rescue. With this great program in the hands of a skilled user, just about any photo can be changed to what the editor needs it to be.

However, Photoshop user does not necessarily equal Photoshop expert. Sometimes an edited picture will slip through with some kind of error, and the goofed-up image will appear on the printed page for the whole world to see.

There’s a blog called Photoshop Disasters that collects just these types of images (readers find them and submit them for the site to use). Here are a few examples (you can click the image to see it larger).

Someone deleted part of the dresser then forget to put it back in:

Sears model’s left hand just a little too big:

Model’s head not in proportion:

There’s an extra hand resting there:

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