Your plant just called. It’s thirsty.

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For some time, we have heard that it is good to talk to your plants. It’s supposed to keep them healthy when they hear your reassuring, loving voice. I don’t know if I buy that stuff – sounds like it would pretty much be a one-way conversation.

Not any more. Now your plant can telephone you when it needs your attention. Just put it on the Botanicalls network, and when it is low on water it will call you and ask for exactly what it needs.

From the website:

Botanicalls was developed to provide a new way for plants and people to communicate in order to develop better, longer-lasting relationships between them…the Botanicalls team has created the means for a more personal relationship. Each plant has a unique voice based on its botanical characteristics, and each has the ability to tell people when they are in need of assistance. They’re also polite: they make sure to call and say thank you when they get a good watering.

(That’s one thing I insist on with my plants; they must be polite.)

I guess the next thing in technology is my dog sending me text messages.

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