Computer pranks

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If you know me, you probably know that I am sort of a fan of pranks. A clever, well-executed prank, in my mind, is a thing of beauty. It’s also important that no one gets hurt and everyone has a good laugh afterward (the Improv Everywhere people are masters at this).

Anyway, today I will show you some pranks you can play on a friend or co-worker involving his or her computer.

Mouse button switch: You can make the mouse buttons function in reverse. In other words, the left button does what the right button is supposed to do, and vice versa. Go to Control Panel and double click the Mouse icon. Check the box that says “switch primary and secondary buttons”.

MS Word word switch: Word has a feature that allows it to automatically fix common misspellings. For example, if you type “imposible”, as soon as you hit the space bar Word will fix it to the correct “impossible”. Word actually has a built-in list of these common mistakes. The trick is, you can edit that list. Of course, you need access to your victim’s computer to do this. Go into Word’s Options or Preference function (depending on what version of Word it is), and look for the “AutoCorrect” feature. Use your imagination here. You could set it so that whenever the word “wonderful” is typed, it is immediately replaced with the word “whimsical”. The sky’s the limit here. It’s great if you are able to observe when the victim is proofreading and has that “did I actually type that?” look on his face.

A great source for actual software pranks is RJL Software. They have a whole selection of free downloads, including:

Vista Upgrade prank – looks like the computer is automatically being upgraded to Windows Vista. At the end it shows a Mac screen, which is even more confusing.

Download hoax – makes it look like the computer is downloading something from an “embarassing” website – nothing is being downloaded, but the user will sure try to stop it!

Fake Delete – gives the appearance that all of the Windows files are being deleted. Panic ensues because no key combination can stop it from happening.

There are these and many more at the website. Everything is free, and anything I have ever downloaded from RJL has been free of viruses and spyware. Have fun!

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