What your baby will look like

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I guess today is Frivolous Friday, so time to view a silly website.

If you have ever wondered what a baby would look like if 2 particular people got together, this site is for you: MakeMeBabies.com
The idea here is simple. You upload a picture of the mother, and a picture of the father. The website’s computer does its thing, and you get an image of what the baby might look like with those two parents.

For example, let’s say Michael Jackson is the father:

And we can imagine the mother to be Brittney Spears (you’ll recall, I did say this was frivolous):

This is what the result might be like:

Now there’s a kid with zero chance of ending up normal.

Of course, you can also upload your own pictures. It might be interesting to upload actual parent photos, and see how accurate the result comes out to be.

Okay. We’ll be more serious on Monday.

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