Where is the cheapest gas?

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Just about everyone is feeling the crunch of higher gasoline prices these days. Prices have come down in past few weeks, but I still feel a little silly when I hear myself saying, “Wow, that place is down to just $3.60 per gallon!”

Now you can use the internet to find the place to get the cheapest gas in your area. Just go to www.gasbuddy.com and plug in your city and state (or just your zip code) and it will list the prices and locations.

Recently these were the nationwide averages:

Then if you are really into it, you can become a Gas Price Spotter – and report in with the gas prices from your area. That is actually what the site depends on, so some of the more rural areas may not be listed until someone decides to report in.

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Raymond Larson
September 12th, 2008

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