Don’t trust your surge protector!

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Here in Florida, we are pretty much past the summer rainy season. During that time, just about every afternoon there is a thunderstorm passing through. With it comes lightning, and the potential destruction of computer equipment.

When that happens, all of the computers in our house get unplugged from the wall (after properly shutting them down, of course).

But wait a minute, you say – doesn’t Scott use surge protectors? Of course I do.

A surge protector is designed to protect against just that: a surge. The voltage that comes out of your wall socket goes up and down, and the surge protector keeps a surge that is too strong from getting to your computer. However – a surge protector is no match against a nearby (or direct) lightning strike. If that happens, anything plugged into the wall could be fried to a crisp.

Yes, the chances are low that it will happen; but I have seen it happen several times. For the relatively small inconvenience of unplugging my computer for 30-60 minutes, I am eliminating the risk of having to replace it.

Not everyone is technically oriented. Maybe you can identify with this poor woman.

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