Yearbook yourself

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When’s the last time you saw your high school or college yearbook? It’s probably buried in a box up in the attic. If you have trouble remembering what you looked like back then, don’t worry. The internet knows.

I am referring to a site called Yearbook Yourself. There, you can create your own yearbook picture. All you need to work with is a digital image of your face saved on your computer. Rather than a technical description, I will just show you what is possible.

Starting with this:

I can make these:

Everything is done online, and you don’t need any Photoshop experience. You can create male or female photos, and there is a wide range of years from which to choose, which is what determines the dreadful clothing and hairstyle choices. Then it’s just a matter of publishing or printing them, to use as you wish.

This week’s video is a guy playing the piano. Sounds kinda boring? His fingers never touch the keyboard. Check it out.

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