Your computer can be a $500 alarm clock

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Some of your computer’s functions don’t have to be complicated. If you want, your computer can simply function as an alarm clock. To do this, you just need to go to Kuku Klok (

You simply set the time you want it to sound off, and the type of noise you want to hear:

There are other timer/alarm programs available, but this one is probably the simplest one to use.

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October 3rd, 2008

Hello Scott,

FYI – has been online since early 2006 (long before that KuKu site) and offers a full range of different kinds of free online alarm clocks (see the link used for this post).

In fact, we just released the world’s first-ever Internet Clock Radio you can use in your web browser:

Our online alarm clocks also offer a much larger display of the current time than the KuKu site, and offer customizable options for clock size and background colors.

Please check them out 🙂

Thank you,