AVG antivirus – nobody’s perfect

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For several years, I have used and recommended AVG Anti-virus (my review of the latest version, and why you need it, is here). It uses much less of your system’s resources than Norton, and it does a very good job of detecting and removing viruses and spyware.

Even the best make mistakes sometimes. Earlier this month, AVG incorrectly identified a file called “user32.dll” as containing a couple of viruses. When this came up on the screen, the user was instructed to delete the file. The only problem was, this was not a virus – it was a legitimate Windows file. For those that deleted the file, the solution was to boot from the original installation CD/DVD that came with your computer and run the “Repair” option. For most people it was a fairly simple fix (and the problem was not widespread to start with, since AVG caught and fixed the problem in the next update).

AVG has apologized for any problems this mistake caused. Here’s what we can learn from this:

1. When you buy a new computer, always get the Windows Installation CD/DVD. You might need it.

2. Make sure you have an automated backup system in place, because the unexpected can happen and will happen. I have set this up for many of my clients, and I can do it remotely. Once this is in place, you don’t have to worry about remembering to do a backup – it will be done every day automatically. Don’t risk losing your documents and your irreplaceable pictures!

This week’s video shows that driving a golf cart isn’t as easy as it looks:

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