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Just about anyone who has used a computer has seen a window like this while installing some software:

That is called an EULA, or End User License Agreement. Most people just blindly click “I Accept” or “I Agree” and go ahead with the installation. I must confess I do this too, if I know and trust the creator of the software.

However, not every software distributor deserves that blind trust. Sometimes there is wording in that agreement that you would NOT agree to, if you knew it was there and if you knew what it meant. But who has time to read that whole long diatribe of legal language? And unless you are a lawyer, you really can’t know for sure exactly what you are agreeing to anyway.

Now there is a free program that will analyze that EULA language for you, and tip you off to any “red flags” that it finds.

EULAlyzer (free download here) is easy to install and works on XP or Vista. Once you have it, all you have to do is copy and paste the text of the EULA you are considering into the EULAlyser window and hit “Analyze”. It will very quickly scan the document and point out any potential problems.

Of course, the site also has this disclaimer:

*Note: This program does not provide legal advice. It can only highlight information that you may want to consider before making your own decision whether to agree to a license agreement or not. You should always consult a lawyer (or other authorized individual) for advice on legal issues.

This week’s video shows a situation where disaster was avoided with about a second to spare:

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