A logic-defying optical illusion

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I have seen lots of optical illusions – the web is full of them. Usually when I view some on any given website, I have seen most or all of them before. But I recently came across one that had me scratching my head. Take a look at the image below:
Here’s the question. Look at the shade of the square labeled “A” and the shade of the square labeled “B”. Which one is darker?

Any normal, sane human being would say that obviously square A is darker than square B. I am talking about the color of the square itself, not the letter A or B. Then I read that they are actually the same shade. No way! I said to myself. The maker of this optical “illusion” must have made a mistake, because it was very clear that B was a lighter shade than A.

To prove that I was right, I brought the entire image into Photoshop. I copied square B and dragged it up to square A. Incredibly, they are the same color! See for yourself below. I copied a couple of the B squares in between the two, and as you can see, they are all the same.

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November 21st, 2008

There’s more than meets the eye here (pupn intended!)… I don’t know yet what that is, how it works – but I’m intrigued.