Choose a theme for your Gmail account

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As you probably already know, I use Gmail as my email service exclusively. I have several different Gmail accounts that I use for different purposes. There are lots of advantages to the Gmail service, compared to other services such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

Gmail just got better!

Now, if you go to to access your email, you can choose a theme to make the page look more interesting. You can choose from a variety of color themes, or some interesting picture themes such as beach, mountains, planets, etc. There are also a few wacky ones like Ninja, Candy, and Graffiti.

To check out the themes, log into your email account at Then, click on Settings (top right area of the page). Click on the “Themes” tab and then just experiment to see the one you like. If you don’t like any of them just click on “Default” and you can go back to your boring, miserable original configuration.

This week’s video…little kids always have a thing about playing with frogs. This little girl likes to hide them. Several of them.

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