Interesting Google experiment

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Sure, you can find just about anything you want on the web using Google. But did you know that you could also use Google to learn about your fellow human beings?

Google has a feature called Google Suggest. You have probably seen it. When you are at the Google search page, and you start to type a phrase in the search box, Google will try to predict what your search will be based on what you have typed so far.

For example, if you type “how do I learn to ” Google will offer up a set of phrases that complete your search, based on the most common search phrases it sees:

You can pick your own “partial search phrases” and see what other people commonly search for. Some people are looking for some rather unusual things. Here are a few more examples.

Happy Googling!

Speaking of finding weird things on the internet, here is a video of a gorilla stealing a man’s toupee.

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