Koobface virus warning

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If you use Facebook, you might receive an email from one of your friends that says you should watch this particular video. There is a link to view the video. When you go to view it, you get a message that in order to view the video, you have to get the latest version of Flash Player. And of course when you go to download the Flash Player, you are actually downloading the virus.

On a social networking site such as Facebook (and MySpace), most users are very trusting of messages that come from their friends (or at least seem to come from friends). So the likelihood of clicking and downloading the virus is higher than if it came in by email.

If you get a message like this, don’t automatically assume that it was sent from someone you know. When the virus is embedded in a computer, it logs on to the person’s Facebook site and sends messages to all of that user’s friends – and of course the user doesn’t even know this is happening. A friend of mine got this virus a couple of days ago and I have been helping him remove it – it’s not a pretty picture.

Learn from others’ mistakes: don’t blindly click on a link unless you know where that link takes you. You might not like the results.

This week’s video shows that if you try to help someone, it might not turn out that great.

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