What can you do with the Windows key?

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Do you ever use the Windows key? Take a look at your keyboard. You will find the Windows key over to the left, between the Ctrl key and the Alt key. It’s the one with the Microsoft Windows logo on it. This little key does a bunch of things, and you might find some of them pretty handy. Here are a few:

Hit the Windows key by itself, and the Start menu will pop up.

Hold down the Windows key and tap the letter L to lock down your desktop (you will need to type in your Windows password to get back in)

Windows Key + R
Brings up the “Run” dialog box. From there you can type in the name of a program to run it (such as Word)

Windows Key + M
Immediately minimizes all open windows so that you can see the icons on your desktop

Windows Key + F1
Opens the Windows Help dialog (actually the F1 key will access the Help function in most programs)

Windows Key + Pause/Break
Opens the System Properties window

Windows Key + E
Opens Windows Explorer – handy for navigating to a particular folder or file

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Vic Patalano
December 22nd, 2008

That was quite interesting. I did not see the moonwalking bear, and since I am also a cyclist awareness is very important to me. THanks for sharing that.

Adam J
December 30th, 2008

Very interesting. Moonwalking bear,eh?