For my frozen friends up north

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This past week I heard from several friends in Maine about the bitter cold temperatures – in many cases the temp was on the wrong side of zero. While this was happening, we were suffering a cold snap of around 50 degrees – brrrrr!

Anyway, I recently heard about a trick for keeping your porch steps from freezing and I would like to hear the results if some of you frozen northerners want to try it.

Heat up some water so that it is warm (not boiling, just warm). Mix in some Dawn dishwashing liquid. Pour it all over your steps. The idea is that this will keep your steps from refreezing.

Is this really true? Does it matter if your steps are wood or cement? If you try it, or if you know about it, click the “Comments” link below and share your insight with the rest of us. (Don’t just email me directly with this info -the Comments link allows everyone to benefit.)

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January 21st, 2009

Wouldn’t the Dawn tend to make the surface slippery??

Kim Harrington
January 21st, 2009

It does not work on our steps, which are wood.