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Today I am going to tell you about a quick and easy fix for a computer annoyance that is pretty common.

Computers are usually designed to do things that help you, but sometimes those very “helps” become a hindrance. For example, when you start to type in a website address in the Firefox address bar, and a dozen other sites are listed in the drop-down menu. But none of them are the site you want – they are sites you visited once and may never visit again. Yet they show up every time in that drop-down menu!

Here is what I mean. Let’s say I want to go to YouTube. In the address bar, I type the letter “y” and I am immediately given a list of websites from which I can choose:

But YouTube is the third one down. How do I get rid of the first two in the list so that I never see them again in that list?

Easy fix. Just use the “down” arrow on your keyboard to highlight the particular website you want to take off the list. When it is highlighted, hit the Delete key on your keyboard. It’s gone!

This also works for websites that require a user name to log in – sometimes you might have several user names that show up in the drop-down menu, but you only use one of them regularly. Just delete the others in the same manner as above.

It’s not Mother’s Day, but this week’s video is a great tribute to moms everywhere:

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