Shortcut to a quicker restart

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Don’t you just hate it when you have to restart your computer and it just takes forever? Restarts are required sometimes when you install new software, or when new updates are installed for a program or for Windows itself. So you find yourself just sitting there looking at the screen, waiting for the computer to power down and then power up again.

There’s a way to shorten the restart time. When your computer is completely powered down, part of the startup procedure is to run the BIOS. This stands for Basic Input Output System, and it’s the DOS-like screens you see at the very beginning of the bootup. After that is done, the computer runs the Windows operating system.

In many cases, all you need to do is restart Windows – without having to go through the BIOS startup procedure. To do that, just hold down the Shift key when you restart.

Windows Vista: Click the Start circle and move your mouse over to the bottom right corner of the Start menu, where the little triangle appears. This opens up a new submenu, and one of your option is Restart. Hold down the Shift button while you click on Restart.

Windows XP: Click the Start button and choose Shut Down. In the new window that appears, choose Restart from the drop down menu. Hold down the Shift key while you click OK.

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